Atlas Grupa je od svog osnivanja do danas izrasla u jednu od najznačajnijih kompanija koja u oblasti bankarstva, finansijskih usluga, osiguranja, nekretnina, proizvodnje, trgovine, medija, edukacije, kulture i sporta predstavlja uzor kvalitetnog i uspešnog poslovanja u jugoistočnoj Evropi.

Protekle godine rasta, razvoja, hrabrih ideja i ostvarenih ciljeva samo su dokaz da vizija, odlučnost, saradnja i dobra poslovna etika vode do uspeha i osiguravaju dobar potencijal za budućnost.

Vrsno poslovanje, kao osnova konkurentnosti, rezultat je naše poslovne filozofije Uvek uz najbolje. Ovaj poslovni kredo se sprovodi u svim članicama Atlas Grupe, jer su dobra partnerstva i objedinjen nastup bitan preduslov za sticanje poslovne prednosti u odnosu na konkurenciju.

12 Group members
328 Happy Employees
34 Ongoing Projects
83 Finished Projects


Business system Atlas Group since its establishment grew into one of the most significant companies in area of banking, insurance, production, commerce, culture and sport in Serbia and Montenegro and presents a role model of quality and successful business. Last years of growth, development, brave ideas and realized dreams have proven that vision, courage, sport spirit and self-sacrifice lead to success and ensured future potential.

Excellence in business, as a base for competency, is a result of Atlas Group founder business philosophy. “Always with the best” is a business credo lead unreservedly by all members of the Holding. Atlas Group is among first companies in these areas who realized the necessity of joining together and merging in business appearance, with a goal of achieving advantage comparing to competition. Therefore Holding remains open for rightfully equal cooperation with potential strategic partners. Other than strategic activity, which determines every holding member business policy, secret of Atlas Group successful contribution lies in detail recognition of how market functions not only in Serbia and Montenegro but in the entire region of South East Europe. Insight in functioning of each market segment is the fact which makes the advantage comparing to local and foreign competition.

One of the advantages is investment in Holding potential – Atlas Group actively and significantly invests in technology modernization and production programs of Holding members, with goal to enhance their competency and confirm their profitability status as market members in Serbia and Montenegro.

Dr. Dusko Knezevic


Banking and financial services

In the field of finance, insurance, banking, financial services and participation in equity market Atlas Group operates in Montenegro, Serbia and Cyprus for many years now. Atlas Group is one of the leading groups on the market of financial services in region. In Montenegro, Atlas Group performs these activities via: Atlas bank – leading commercial bank; Invest bank Montenegro – Investment bank; Atlasmont fund – Investment fund; Pension Plus – private pension fund; Atlas Life – Insurance company; CG Broker – Brokerage company and Montenegro stock exchange – Montenegro equity.


Within Atlas Group, there is Atlas Hotels Group that operates hotels in attractive locations in Montenegro. Atlas Group in 2007. reconstructed Hotel "Topolica" in Bar, after which it was renamed into ‘’Princess’’ and categorized into 4*. At Skadar lake close to the national park, in traditional fishermen place Virpazar, there is Hotel ‘’13 July’’, adapted in 2010. after which it was categorized into 3*. Also, Atlas Group plan to develop urban hotels in Serbia primarily in Belgrade.


A1 TV is commercial media network that covers Montenegro via earth cable and via cable distribution networks Ex Yu territory, then satellite program covers whole Europe. Also it is first Montenegrin television that by means of web streaming it is possible to follow worldwide. Program of Atlas Television is interactive with emphasis on informative-political content, information from world of business, finances and entertainment that informs the viewers regularly about current situation in business and economy, entertainment, music industry, science, arts and culture. Atlas Radio is systematically and network wise connected to Atlas Television which enables interactive integration of programs of these two media.


In the field of education Atlas Group operates via two members in Serbia and Montenegro, Mediterranean University in Montenegro and Belgrade Banking Academy in Serbia. Mediterranean University, as the first private university in Montenegro, operates as individual public subject in accordance with Bologna declaration. Belgrade banking academy is a special high level education institution, based on experience of large number of university professors, scientists, experts and entrepreneurs in the field of banking, insurance and finances, offering basic and master academy education levels and also highly professional MBA programs.

Investment funds

Within Atlas Group there are two operating funds - Atlas Pension fund and Atlas Mont Fund. Atlas Pension, as private pension fund, is specialized company for organization and management of private pension funds, whose goal is achieving optimal profit on disposable funds and provision of safe future for fund members. Atlas Mont Fund operates as joint investment fund whose main goal is improving the efficiency of Montenegrin companies and economy individually and in general, with strong incentive for development of trading and equity market in Montenegro.

Real Estate

Atlas Group real estate investments are located throughout the region including the most attractive locations on the Adriatic Coast of Montenegro and urban locations in Belgrade, Serbia. On this locations company prepares, creates, develops and monitors construction of all projects within Atlas Group portfolio in order to develop high quality business and residential areas. Currently, total area under development is over 500 thousand square meters. Business focus of Atlas Group in Serbia is in Belgrade, where it has several projects of various functions and size that are suitable for rent or sale of A category of office/retail space.


Meljine Hospital, the first private general hospital in Montenegro is Atlas Group member operating in field of health. With tradition longer than 100 years, this hospital used to be regional medical institution located at slopes of Herceg-Novi park forest ‘’Dubrava’’, whose position is selected based on favorable microclimatic conditions for treatment and rehabilitation of patients. Atlas Group plan to develop the hospital into prime rate see side health facility for international customers.


Atlas Group is organized as a modern management structure with a main objective to increase the value of all member companies by improving performance, investing in new projects and creating of synergy between the member companies. The Group operates in line with global trends promoting sustainable development and utilization of renewable energy sources. In field of the management Atlas Group covering various services for member companies as well for the clients in different sector of activities and business operations.



Atlas Group has over 25 member companies in Serbia and Montenegro. Our companies operate in a very diversified spectrum of activities such as: investment banking, retail banking, brokerage services, manufacturing, pharmacy, trade, consalting, real estate, construction, engineering, hotel management, tourism, radio and television broadcasting, art, education and sport.

Atlas Group is organised as a modern management unit with a main objective to increase the value of all member companies by improving performance, investing in new projects and creating of synergy between the member companies. In Montenegro and Serbia, Atlas Group and its members are actively contributing to the overall development of the society with the main focus on education, culture and sport.



      Within 30 years of its existence, aware of its responsible function in the society, Atlas Group sets as one of its priorities, establishment and development of better living standards. Donations to the best students, hospital, specialized institutions, supporting projects in education, arts and sports were part of the Atlas group practices since its foundation.

      Constant activities of Atlas Group are projects aimed at raising the standards in education, healthcare and environmentally friendly economy, and encouraging regional cooperation and women empowerment. For that purpose, we founded the Atlas Foundation that will incorporate and efficiently process our ideas and goals. It will raise public awareness and networking finding effective solutions for addressing these important societal issues. Atlas Group partnerships and contact network, reputable awards and acknowledgements established during multi-annual business operations in the fields of finance, banking, media, healthcare and education will be engaged in the process of including not only the national but also international partners into our mission.



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